Packing moving boxes – We are going to Rio!

There’s been a lot going on recently! We booked our first flight. We are starting our trip on July 18th and we are going to Rio de Janeiro – Brazil!

After a lot of planning and gearing up, moving day is right around the corner! In less than a week we are moving out of our apartment and move in with my parents for our last two weeks in Austria. Last weekend we already packed the first couple moving boxes. Kind of a weird feeling packing everything away. What we like about it is that we get to get rid of all the things we don’t need. It’s crazy how much stuff collects over the years.

We still don’t know what we actually gonna take in our backpacks. We already have most of the equipment (tent, sleeping bags, hiking boots,…) but we still have no idea which clothes we will bring. That will definitely be interesting. Actually we wanted to “test pack” weeks ago … Well I guess it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t wait until the last minute for everything. 😉

The departure date is coming up faster and faster and there is still a bunch of things we have to do. (selling the car, insurance,… )

We are getting more and more excited! We still dont have a clue about what adventures are waiting for us in Brazil and the rest of the trip. Exciting!

The next couple days I’m planning on working on the Tips& Checklists.

Until later!

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