Chaos, stress and no plan at all

The last two weeks in Austria have been quite a rollercoaster ride! I actually wanted to inform you guys about the last preperations for the trip and keep you updated but no chance, we just had so many things going on. Packing list and co will be coming later.

Since I quit my job as a after-school-club teacher i had to say goodbye to all of „my kids“, their parents and my awesome working collegues. 🙁 That wasn’t easy at all. After six years of working there, they all found a place in my heart.

For all of you who don’t know about Dougs health condition… about three months ago he got diagnosed with rheumatoide Arthritis. Up until to departure date we still didn’t really have the sickness under control and doctor appointments were on the daily schedule. As if that wasn’t already enough, we had to find a travel health insurance which also covers chrinical diseases. After what felt like a 100 phone calls we finally found the only insurance that covers this. What a relief!

Going-away-patries were obviously celebrated with family and friends as well. And between doctor visits, saying goodbye and uncountable last-minute-purchases we should finally do the first „test packing“!

Well this test packing was finally accomplished somewhere between midnight and early morning, three days (!!!) before departure! 😉 So much stuff came together in the last week that we didn’t even have a chance to figure out what the plan was after landing in Rio. People kept asking us what our plans were … the answer was always a planless shoulder shrug. 😉

After all that planless chaos and hoping that everything works out we finally could board the plane on time and we have just landed (planless 😉 ) in Rio. The first pictures have already been shot and will be uploaded shortly.

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