Goodbye Rio!

Our first week of traveling couldn’t have gone better. Rio de Janeiro is a great city which fascinated us with its deversity. Skyscrapers, a lot of traffic, slums, beach bars, boardwalks and Co. blended with wonderful nature. We always could relax under palm trees on the beach, in parks or on top of a mountain and get away from the big city feeling.

We met a lot of nice people from all over the world really fast, who we explored the area with. Of course we always have to say good bye, when we continue our travels but the memories we made together will stay and who knows, maybe we will see each other again at some point in a different spot somewhere in the big big world. 🙂

Yesterday we continued on to Campo Grande, a smaller city in the direction to Bolivia. One day before, we were trying our luck to spontaniously find a couchsurfer-host who would let us crash his couch for 1-2 nights. And guess what, sombody actually confirmed our request shortly before departure. We even got picked up at the airport. An unbelievably nice guy, who showed us around with his friend and brought us to an amazing brazilian „churrasco“.

„We don’t know yet.“

… this is the sentence we give as an answer most of the time when people ask us about our plans. Living planless through the day, one step after another is crazy exciting. There are no expectaions and that’s what makes it possible to get surprised with new chances every day. Today a friend of our host texted us saying that he is driving to a city in the direction to Bolivia and that we could join if we want to. Perfect! This opportunity we will take. Let’s see what there is to see there. 😉

Woohooo we are excited!

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