About Us

Who’s writing here?

Anna (Austrian, 26), that’s me.

I get euphoric about things really fast and love to share my excitement with others. I love to try new things and of course to get all pumped up about them.

You can just imagine what’s going on in my head about our “world trip plan”. On one hand I love organizing something new but on the other hand it’s getting a little chaotic in my head when all my thoughts are getting tangled up.

Yeah that’s me. I have to write everything down immediately to stay focused…. without my calendar and lists (I have plenty of those) I can get a little confused.

All of my extra-energy I can release best by doing sports. Pole dance is my passion sport. I enjoy running and regular workouts to stay fit and healthy.

Doug (American, 26), he’s my better half.

I’m so glad I found him 6000 miles away from my home. (Our story comes later)

He is the one who cools me down, when I’m running hot from getting too excited. 😉 He is able to keep a realistic view of stuff, where my fantastic fantasy breaks the sound barrier once again.

Doug is a thrill seeker and after years of martial arts he found his passion in the Austrian mountains. Climbing, mountain biking, … up up up!

We both love action and we always have some sort of project going on. We don’t always go with the flow. We do some things differently than everyone else and that’s exactly what we love to be…. different! Half of our time we spend philosophizing and figuring out what lifestyle we want to follow.

We are open… open to the world. The world trip we see as a mission. We want to try ourselves out in any way. We want to learn about other cultures and what their values are in life.

Our story

The story of two people who stumble from one adventure into the next.

It all started with my accident in 2008 which was the reason why my Au Pair plans (USA) got changed up a little bit. I left Austria a half a year later than planned and ended up in Massachusetts instead of Maryland. Well, now I know that I was right with what I kept telling myself in the hospital …

Everything happens for a reason, although we may not understand it at the time, if you hang in there, all pieces will eventually fall where they belong.

It ended up being the greatest Au Pair year I could have ever asked for. PLUS I met my future husband. We obviously didn’t have any clue that this was the beginning of the greatest adventure of our lives.

distance is a testAfter three years of a long distance relationship, with a lot of skyping, traveling back and fourth and some desperate hours of lovesickness, we finally got married in June 2014.

We now live in a little village in Austria. We like it here a lot because we both love being in the nature. But we were always really open and interested in other cultures and countries.

Our honeymoon to Costa Rica totally made us fall in love with traveling. One year later we explored the coast of Croatia in our VW-Van.

We wanted more … and soon the first World Trip plans were born.

Now I’m sitting here, I have no idea how … but I just do it and start my first blog. 🙂

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