Starting a blog – but how?!

I wish I could give you professional tips. The truth of the matters is, that I myself started trying to figure it out only about a week ago.

My idea to start a blog came out of the thought that I wanted our families and friends being able to join us on our world trip. How I would do it, I had no idea. In total cluelessness i decided to tune my knowledge with some YouTube tutorials. That was truly a good idea, because there I found a lot of helpful input. Google also performed a master stroke in leading me to some great How To’s.

It’s crazy how much know-how you can leech out of the internet just like that. Here I am, switching around between watching tutorials and giving it a try. Let’s see how far I get with this method. 😉

I’m always glad when helpful tips and tricks come my way. Feel free to comment or write to me.

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